Saturday, February 18, 2006

in melbourne

here in melbourne started on tuesday(16th of feb).Met new people from almost all corners of the i am on a satuday nite chatting on msn.dont get me wrong.i don mind tat at all.i was chatting with des and it hit me that i really missed my secondary school life .from the day i entered TTSS till the day i said goodbye to ACS(I).i naively wanna go back to those days where me,des and chris ould jsut hang out every sat night ,trying to sneak into clubs to drink.its horribly fun tho when come to think of it.the future suddenly seem so ominous and like 'paving' my road to my future already.and how well this road could lead me to my goal depends on my performance this year.all u can do is jsut keep me in ur prayers .thnx

Saturday, February 04, 2006

post clubbing thoughts

when i first stepped into Shennigans Hyatt,the first thing tat appeared in mind was ,'how fucking crowded can this place be !!!"yupp.not furious but just hoped that the crowd was a much smaller one.met people while trying to make my way to the toilet which took at least 5 min for a distance of 30m?u can do the math alcohol-tolerance level really dropped like hell man.shit.I think i'll stop clubbing till i turn 18 .

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

kl trip jan 06

went to kl for my friend's wedding at shangri-la.was kinda cool.had to dress baggy pants and no slogan t-shirt was what my dad told me when i was packing my bad.hahaha.

me and my sis

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

flash back 05

me and my lil bro

bros in my boarding school hall.couldnt have pulled thru without them.cheers !!!

andy just got his groove ....!!!! look at those sexy asses!!!oh.tat sounded wrong.!!

orchard so gonna miss this place...!!

they say i look 'dao'!!!! WTF....!!!

kumar,jinyi justin and me in a lil bath tub,like sardines stuffed in a can
Every chinese new year there would be a moment when i solemnly reflect .2005 was fruitful evn though it was the most tiring year in my entire life.That was the year when strong bonds where forged,sweet memories created and treasured,but also ,first time in my life our academic results sounded ever so scarily important.

  1. Justin,kumar,zhong khoo and jin yi: nice having u guys here for 10 days .See u guys in june .and btw,kumar ,dont forget ur treat at shangri-la.haha
  2. brendan:thanks for helping me get stuff.hahaha.take care in london .
  3. ACS(i) teachers and staff:i know this most probably wont reach you but jsut wanna express my gratitude to u guys.the marvellous experience that u guys have given me would always be carried along with me .ACS FOREVER.!!!!!
  4. Marianne:mary,too bad u lost ur lamb...!!!oh.tat was reli dry.but it worked evrytime ...hahaha..too bad u're not going to Melbourne.or not u'll be like my 'clubbing buddy' and maybe studying partner .sounds weird rite ?ahhah...anyways,take care.
  5. russ:where's my lame joke of the day ?
  6. the indon scholars:thanks for evrything.From helping me in my studies to introducing me to indon food,u guys were great!!!
  7. Gabriel:please clean up ur room!!!and im sure u're gonna say:'look who's talking '

Thursday, January 26, 2006

heart breaks.....

started off with a tingle in the heart,ensued by an interminable sense of securityand elation.When oceans drift apart,anger and hatredd engulfs the bliss.The reluctance to believe that the fairy tale has ended,could only be expressed with tears.

*wrote this in the plane on the way back from kl.i'm open for your comments ....

Thursday, January 19, 2006


my jewel:

everyone it touches turns to dust,yet the jewel itslef remains unblemished,and inviolable fragment of beauty,a silent witness to history tumbling through the centuries.

*since it is just a beautiful rock ,why bother paying exorbitant prices for it ?>ahhaha..or maybe its just coming from a broke bloke like me .ahha...i watched the opera show a few days was about POVERTY.yup.and it focused on the poverty and hardships faced by the african people.their annual income is around 200 US dollars at most .yup.A LOUIS VUITTON bag can help them survive for a few years and a HERMES BIRKIN bag could help them pull thru their entire lives !!!!opera tried to convince us tat we're not doing our part to make earth a better place ,not a living hell to millions in africa .children bereft of neccesities ,a direct opposite of the luxury lifesyle that we indulge in.buying a drink from starbucks can actaully help them buy the whole day's meal.yup.opera ended with a question for her viewers,do these people really had to suffer ,knowing tat just a little more generousity and sensitivity,this world would be a much better place ?some food for thought yey.give me ur views..

- going kl tmr .hope to grab some really cool stuff and 'ta pau' some hot chix(erm...not hens) lame.

-to vanesa:i think i'll wear ur hosue t-shirt,tats provided that the shirt is free.

-to those singapore march babies:im still contempalting whtehr to get u guys ur bday present cuz sending it back would be a hassle .ahahhaha.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


quote of the day:
if we were born knowing everything,what would we do with all this time on this earth?

the week went past so swiftly..!!!and soon it owuld be time for me to go kl for my friend's wedding .how cool is tat !!!!i just found kim to be my talk shit partner cuz we just can rant non stop fpr hours .oh yes,tanning has been so alien to me ,tat;s why im gonna TRY to go jsut so curious of those ang moh and japs tat bask in the sun for hours .there must be some kinda attraction to such self punishing acts (yes,to many people in fact).

by the way,i realised its really hard to kick off a new habit,which is telling the truth.dissappointed in some ways in a friend;s display of being dishonest .the worst thing is ,i caught tat person well.some people would jsut tell me ,why don u jsut go get a life of ur own....other words,move on dude,.,.dont dwell too much on others being honest to u.yup.i may seem so fun and interesting to you at one point of time ,but miserable and disheartening moments not long later .nothing comes for free.nothing.even happiness has to be paid back with tears.for exxample,getting into a relationship can bring u the bliss and elation ,but it has to be paid back with tears and heartaches when they break being so philosophical here.i hope it made sense to you.